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Jim F Yelp Review

Been a customer for over 15 years. The owner listens to your issues and cares about the quality of his work. They'll describe problems in great detail and even show you the faulty parts. I don't go for extended warranties with dealerships as I'd rather just bring my vehicles here; it's almost a relief when the original warranty expires as I often don't trust dealerships anymore! Finding a mechanic you trust is priceless. I highly recommend this shop.

Mert K. Yelp Review

I am so happy to have found an honest shop near my house. I live in P.B and my Chrysler Sebring started to leak coolant bad. If that is not bad enough the exhaust pipe came loose when I drove over a pot hole. I was so worried that the repairs were going to cost more than what my 2005 car with 200 thousand miles on it. I found them trough my friend went there Jim was so helpful he looked for the parts and located them the whole thing cost me 375.00 which is great. They have customer for life now. I will highly recommend them to everyone

Heather W. Yelp Review

I've never seen an auto place have such good customer service. A while back I made a "dumb-dumb" move pulling out of my driveway and knocking my driver side mirror off with a giant bird of paradise.  Quickly grabbing some duct tape I taped it back on to be more official with the ghettoness of my poor car.  It's actually amusing that the boo-boos on my car are all on the driver side...I mean I can't even claim bad dept-perceptive here!  Ah well...I'll just admit I suck and move on.  Self-infective wounds are better than to others!