Affordable Dealer Alternative Auto Repair and Service in San Diego

Are you looking for an affordable dealer alternative auto repair and service in San Diego? We are ASE-certified Master Technicians who stay informed on all current factory information about the vehicles we service. We can perform all the major services required to maintain your factory warranty on your new car. We can also get your not-so-new car running better with regular auto and truck maintenance.

How are we able to work on so many makes and models? We have technicians who specialize in import luxury vehicles like Land Rover and Jaguar, some who specialize in Honda, Toyota, Hyundai, Nissan and others that work only on domestic vehicles like Ford, Chevy, and Chrysler. All technicians have received training on hybrid vehicle care and maintenance. Our diagnostic equipment is the latest in technology and is updated regularly

At Pacific Automotive we strive to provide our customers with quality service at affordable prices and develop a personal relationship with our customers and their individual vehicle needs, delivered with integrity.

  • Brake Repair
  • Factory Schedule Service
  • Transmissions
  • Transit Van Repair
  • Radiator Repair
  • Electrical Repair
  • Fleet Services
  • Check Engine Oil Light
  • Bus Repair
  • Air Conditioning Service
  • Hybrid Repair and Maintenance

Complete Auto Repair and Maintenance

Same-Day Repairs on Most Vehicles

Why Choose Pacific Automotive?

Relationship  At a large dealership, you likely have no idea which mechanic is working your car, what his or her experience is, and if they have or will ever work on your car again. It’s important to know that your mechanic is competent, and you can get to know your mechanic personally at a smaller repair shop. Local shops usually allow for direct communication with your mechanic. Often, you can get to know the owner of the shop and the mechanic by name.

Experience  Auto repair shops that specialize in more than one make of car can be very convenient for many families who drive more than one made. Factory-trained technicians often move on to work at independent shops, and they can be just as expert in their knowledge as a mechanic at a dealership. This can be helpful if you want one-stop shopping and prefer to see the same faces each visit.

Location  Repair shops are often in more easily accessible locations than dealerships, i.e., the proverbial “corner” garage. And just like dealerships, some independent shops will go the extra mile, providing consumers with loaner cars to drive while their service work is being performed. They may contract with a local car rental agency that is close by

Quality & Price  Auto manufacturers and their dealers offer only OE (Original Equipment) parts. While you can request OE parts from your local repair shop if you desire, smaller shops can offer OE or aftermarket parts, which are meant to substitute for the OE part. The advantage of aftermarket parts is that, like generic prescription drugs, they are supposed to perform the same function for a lot less money. So you have the choice at small shops — go with OE parts, or save the money.

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The manufacturer of your car provides a factory maintenance guide specific to the year and model of our car. This is your minimum guide for routine maintenance. Not all vehicle models require the same schedule so it’s important to use the specific manual for your specific year and model.

Engine Repairs

Is your car overheating?  Don’t wait until there’s steam coming out from under the hood.  Give Pacific Automotive in San Diego a call instead. If you delay radiator repairs you could very well end up as the classic vehicle beside the road, hood up, and radiator steaming.

Fleet Services

Pacific Automotive is ready to meet all of your fleet repair and maintenance needs.  Our fleet service technicians can provide quick repairs and necessary factory maintenance requirements to maintain the factory warranty. Ask our manager about our 2 years, 24,000-mile nationwide warranty*

Check Engine Light

Is Your Check Engine Light On? The first thing to remember is that when the check engine light stays on, its time for some car maintenance. Inspecting your car sooner rather than later can help you to avoid costly repair problems down the road.

Customer Reviews

  • Justin YoungJustin Young

    I highly recommend taking your car here if you are in need of an experienced repair shop. They are very friendly, responsive, and do great work. I had my 2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee engine rebuilt and they did a phenomenal job. The vehicle runs great now! They also did some extras at cost because of the large repair business. This is my second time using them and they continue to impress.

  • Scott DitzenbergerScott Ditzenberger

    Troublesome oil leak fixed! When my usual little mechanics shop saw my issue was a bit too big to handle, they personally dialed up the good folks at Pacific Automotive and they gladly took the job. Right away they were candid about the repair and gave an estimate and timeline. They called me several times to provide progress updates which I greatly appreciated. In no time I had my Honda Pilot back in great shape and not only that, the repair came in a few hundred dollars below estimate. Courteous and professional. Would absolutely recommend.

  • Lora BesseLora Besse

    I went to a competitor Family Auto Service for an estimate and they were going to charge me over $4,000 vs 1,084 the amount from Pacific Automotive. Pacific Automotive helped save me so much money, were amazing to work with. I strongly suggest that you don’t go to a big chain and that you should go here for all your auto needs!!

  • Carrie BeinertCarrie Beinert

    Had a problem with my 1993 Chrysler Concord jerking and turning off and then would start up again. It was a mystery to solve but Pacific Automotive found it was a worn out crankshaft sensor. They are very professional and knowledgeable.

  • Donald D.Donald D.

    Top notch service. Friendly, professional and very trustworthy. They will tell you like it is and won't try to upsell you on services you don't need....

  • Jesse R.Jesse R.

    Never have any issues when I bring my car in. Customer service is always so friendly and fast. I've gone in for many different issues that I've had with my...

  • Esther D.Esther D.

    BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER!!! Ran into car troubles right as we were supposed to be making the long drive back up to the Bay Area. Huge shoutout to Guy and...

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