Expert Brake Repair and Service San Diego

Drivers in San Diego, or anywhere for that matter, know that properly functioning brakes can be a matter of life and death. It can be a scary feeling to see the brake warning light come on. If your brakes don’t function, then you shouldn’t be driving your car. You can survive rather simply without air conditioning or a heater, but your brakes should be in top shape at all times. Even though your brakes still function, they may require repairs. It’s a big difference if it takes you 10 or 15 feet to come to a complete stop, especially when you are trying to prevent a collision.

For over 20 years, we’ve given the drivers of San Diego and surrounding areas service they remember. We’ll solve your brake problems. Bring your car in for a free brake inspection and you’ll be safe when you’re on the road again.

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Common Brake Problems

Brake warning light is on

There are two reasons that your brake warning light is on.

  1. Your vehicle emergency brake is engaged. Simply disengage the brake and you are good to go!
  2. You have lost brake pressure in half of the brake system.

If you are driving and you see the Brake Warning Light come on, pull over as soon as possible. If your brakes do not work, be prepared to use the Emergency Brake to stop the car.

If the problem is not the emergency brake remaining engaged, the brake light is on because there is a leak in a part of the braking system, making it impossible to hold pressure or your hydraulic fluid level is low.

Our trained mechanics can quickly diagnose why your brake light is on and give you an estimate on what it will cost to be fixed.

Breaks Squeaking

Do you hear a high-pitched squeal every time you come to a stop? This could be an indication that your brakes are worn to the point that a wear indicator is making contact with your brake rotor. If you hear this noise,  it’s time to call Pacific Automotive – we can inspect your brakes and measure brake pad thicknesses to assess brake pad condition and brake performance. We will provide a complete report and advise you of needs and costs of any repairs.

Five Other Warning Signs that you need your brakes professionally inspected

  1. Your foot goes all the way down to the floor when you step on the brakes. This is called a long pedal travel, and means you need an immediate brake inspection.
  2. A metallic-like bad smell when you apply the brakes.
  3. A grinding noise when you step on the brakes. This probably means that the metal on the brake pad base is exposed and the noise is from the metal grinding against the rotor.
  4. A vibration or shaking of the steering wheel when you step on the brakes. This could be caused by the rotor being worn out or a misalignment between the rotor and pad.
  5. The brakes are pulling the car to the right or the left. This is called a brake pull and  may be caused by a collapsed brake hose or malfunctioning caliper.