Expert Auto Air Conditioning Repair and Service San Diego

Yes, we live in one of best climates in the world – but San Diegans still need working vehicle air conditioning. Drivers in San Diego have trusted Pacific Automotive for more than 25 years with their vehicle air con repairs.

When Do You Need A/C Service or Repair?

Does your AC work, but it just isn’t as good as it used to be? This problem could be caused by low refrigerant pressure. This could be an easy fix of recharging your air conditioning refrigerant. Or it could be caused by a leak somewhere in your vehicle’s air con system. If you want to try and check for a leak yourself, you can look at the fittings, hoses, compressor and condenser and determine if there is any kind of build up or oily grime. Pacific Automotive’s certified technicians can refill the refrigerant and repair any air conditioning system leaks.

Air conditioning not blowing cold on your car? Refrigerant R-1234YF is used in most late model vehicles manufactured from 2015 to date. Pacific Automotive can service your R-1234YF air conditioning system at a fraction of the cost, as a dealer alternative. Please call for details or to make an appointment. 

Is your AC making knocking or squealing noises? The problem could be a failing compressor. When a compressor gives out, it can shed pieces of itself. The pieces can run through the hoses, condenser, accumulator and evaporator, mix with the refrigerant and get caught and create a buildup. We will be sure to flush everything out before installing a new compressor because if the old buildup is not cleared out, a new compressor would be quickly destroyed.

Does your AC not come on at all? In this case, the best thing to do is to call us and bring it in for a diagnostic scan. We can determine the problem and explain your repair options to you. Don’t get hot under the collar if your vehicle AC does not work, just call Pacific Automotive and we will help to keep you cool and mobile.

Air Conditioning Service – $124.95

Our A/C package will eliminate unpleasant odors and unhealthy microbes from air con and heater vents, keep your A/C operating at peak efficiency and add comfort to your motoring. Our services include the following:

  1. Perform air con evaporator cleaning using a peroxide cleaning solution removes mold and mold spores that accumulate in your AC system.
  2. Inspect and replace cabin intake air filter, where applicable.
  3. Clean air intake vents to air conditioning and heater units.
  4. Inspect refrigerant levels, and air conditioner operating pressures.

Visit Pacific Auto for your Air Conditioning Needs

Our ASE certified technicians and master mechanics work with the latest diagnostic equipment. We guarantee all our work.  And we are open to serve you!