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The iconic Jeep® brand is recognized the world over. Jeep owners in San Diego who are looking for repair or service for their Jeep vehicles know that Go Anywhere, Do Anything® is a way of life for them— not just a campaign slogan for Jeep. They value freedom, capability and adventure. So when you need a service or repair – you need it QUICKLY, AFFORDABLY, and CONVENIENTLY! That’s why San Diego Jeep drivers and owners love Pacific Automotive, the best Jeep Dealer Alternative in San Diego for both repairs and regular maintenance. Whether you are looking for an oil change, transmission repair, brake service, or your Jeep Check Engine light is on and you want to find out why, you can trust our Master Technicians. We are up to speed on the latest Jeep information and models.


Recalls DO happen for Jeep vehicles, so you can click here to find out if you, as a Jeep owner in San Diego, have been affected.

Why Choose Pacific Automotive For Jeep Repairs in San Diego?

Personal Relationship

At a large dealership, you likely have no idea which mechanic is working your car, what his or her experience is, and if they have or will ever work on your car again. It’s important to know that your mechanic is competent, and you can get to know your mechanic personally at a smaller repair shop. Local shops usually allow for direct communication with your mechanic. Often, you can get to know the owner of the shop and the mechanic by name.

One Stop Shop

Auto repair shops that specialize in more than one make of car can be very convenient for many families who drive more than one make. Factory trained technicians often move on to work at independent shops, and they can be just as expert in their knowledge as a mechanic at a dealership. This can be helpful if you want one-stop shopping and prefer to see the same faces each visit.

Location and Convenience

Repair shops are often in more easily accessible locations than dealerships, i.e., the proverbial “corner” garage. And just like dealerships, some independent shops will go the extra mile, providing consumers with loaner cars to drive while their service work is being performed. They may contract with a local car rental agency that is close by

Parts, Quality & Price

Auto manufacturers and their dealers offer only OE (Original Equipment) parts. While you can request OE parts from your local repair shop if you desire, smaller shops can offer OE or aftermarket parts, which are meant to substitute for the OE part. The advantage of aftermarket parts is that, like generic prescription drugs, they are supposed to perform the same function for a lot less money. So you have the choice at small shops — go with OE parts, or save the money.