Chrysler Repair and Service in San Diego


San Diego Chrysler owners, we have you covered! Jim Riccio, owner of Pacific Automotive is a Factory Trained Chrysler Technician. We have the latest software and diagnostic equipment to keep your Chrysler running smoothly and reliably taking you where you need to go.

Do you need a copy of your owner’s manual? You can download it HERE. The Chrysler owner’s manual for your specific make and model will detail the factory recommended service for Chryslers as well as other auto repair and maintenance details.

Mopar Parts

One of the best things about owning a Chrysler is the cost of auto parts. As a San Diego Chrysler owner, you will be paying less for auto parts and still getting quality Mopar parts. At Pacific Automotive, we have been repairing Chryslers for 20 years and our customers trust us with their repairs and preventive maintenance.


Five Common Chrysler Problems

As a Chrysler owner in San Diego, be aware of the following conditions

Leaking Coolant
If you have a coolant link in your Chrysler, we will replace first the water pump, then the timing belt. We will clean all the mating surfaces and degrease the timing area with a high-quality cleaner. We will dry the gears with a compressed air. When we reinstall the parts, we will check that the cooling system has reached the pressure of 15 PSI and that there are no leaks.

Squeaky Sun Roof
A squeaky sunroof in your Chrysler is a common problem. You may be able to take of this yourself. First, wipe the window channels and glass surface to remove any moisture or dirt. Then, spray lubricant on the window channels. If this doesn’t eliminate the squeaking sound, call us, we can investigate further and fix the noisy sunroof.

Engine Oil Sludge
Using synthetic motor oil in your Chrysler rather than traditional oil will help with engine oil sludge because it will lubricate the motor more effectively. Also, if you use higher grade fuel, for sunroof premium rather than regular gasoline, you will reduce the contaminants that enter the engine and help prevent engine oil sludge. Frequent oil changes, about every 3,000 miles, will also help prevent engine oil sludge in your Chrysler.

Malfunctioning PVC
The PCV valve is next to the engine and connects to the intake manifold via a small hose. Pacific Automotive technicians can remove the PCV valve and find out it is clogged in any way. If it is not clogged, it means that it needs to be replaced immediately.

Power Windows Not Working
One or more of your Chrylser’s power windows may stop working. If this happens, we can replace the electric motor in the power window to make it functional again. If you have squeaky power windows, you can spray the window channels with a lubricant and see if that eliminates the sound.