2018 Honda Models

Why talk about 2018 Honda models now? Considering the big drop in resale value all new cars have “the minute you drive them off the lot,” buying a used car that’s a year or two old makes a lot of sense. And with state of the art diagnostic equipment and the latest factory information, we at Pacific Automotive can help keep your Hondas maintained and repaired for many years to come.

Honda vehicles have come a long way since the compact 1972 Civic hatchback (the first vehicle to meet US emission standards without a catalytic converter, by the way).  Since then this Japanese car maker has become one of the largest in the world, respected for its combination of reliability, fuel economy, sporty styling, and competitive features.

With Japanese kaizen (continuous improvement) it’s not surprising that the favorite Honda models have gone on for decades.  But there’s usually some pretty big changes every few years.  So let’s take a look at some of their most popular 2018 model year vehicles.

Honda Models in 2018

Isn’t it a little late to be talking about models in 2018 in the middle of the year?  Actually, it may be a bit early.

There are countless car reviews on the web, and prices for each model vary widely with options and features about as much as between different models.  So let’s take a quick overview of 2018 model year changes.


The 2018 Honda Accord made Car and Driver Magazine’s list of Best Cars for the 21st year in a row.  In many ways it’s a “clean sheet” redesign in more than styling.  There were significant changes in Turbo-4 engines, transmissions, and chassis. New standards and options include LED headlights and taillights, advanced digital displays (including heads-up display), and traffic-sign recognition.


One of the best-selling vehicles in the US, there were not many changes in 2018 Honda Civic Sedans, Coupes, and SIs.  But the Type R received some major revisions and also made it to Car and Driver’s 2018 Best Cars List.  Additions include adaptive cruise control, lane departure warning, and forward collision mitigation.


The 2018 Honda Clarity now offers the full range of fuel options:  plug-in hybrid, fully electric, and hydrogen fuel-cell. Keeping options open could make a huge difference for future developments.


After many changes in 2017, the 2018 Honda CR-V received only a few touches.  Also among the best selling vehicles in the US, this model is as versatile and reliable as ever.


The low-cost fuel-efficient Honda Fit has a fresh style for this year.  It also has a revised suspension for better handling and a smoother ride, and features automatic braking.


The family-friendly Honda Odyssey mini-van has improved performance and an improved interior.  That includes the latest electronics such as in-vehicle Wi-Fi and the rear entertainment system.


The stylish and trouble-free Honda Pilot remained unchanged.

2019 Honda Insight

There’s been recent buzz about the model year 2019 Honda Insight hybrid.  First introduced way back in 1999, the latest incarnation is higher performance than Prius but with the same fuel economy.  This year’s model has a smaller gas engine but with the electric motor it has more horse power and way more torque.  The hybrid combination delivers a maximum 151 horsepower together with an EPA 52 MPG rating.  It also includes manual regenerative braking.  As an alternative to using the brakes while cruising on the highway, you can also slow down by turning the electric motor into a generator that charges the battery.

Compared with most hybrids the Insight goes for more standard looks and a bit of upscale styling.  And it combines that with the latest driving advances:  adaptive cruise control, collision mitigation braking, road departure mitigation, and traffic sign recognition.