Brake Repair Mission Bay

Summer is around the corner in Mission Bay, San Diego and its time to make sure your brake repair and service is handled so you and your family stay safe and sound!

Brakes don’t have to completely fail to lead to a serious auto accident.  Just a few feet shorter stopping distance can make all the difference.  So never neglect any indication that you might need brake repair.  For Mission Bay, let Pacific Automotive be your personal auto mechanic.

Cars, trucks, vans, and SUVs seem to just keep getting more and more complicated.  In today’s vehicles there is a long chain of events and mechanisms between your pressing on the pedal and the pads pressing against drums or disks.  That includes the master cylinder, power booster, and calipers.  Modern vehicles also include a computerized electronic anti-lock brake system (ABS).  Everything’s mediated by hydraulic fluid, so there’s also plenty of critical hoses and fittings.  All told, thorough brake inspections typically covers some 50 (or more) points and help assure that brake repairs happen before they cause trouble.

Brake Warning Signs

Anytime your vehicle behaves, or even sounds, different while braking calls for an immediate inspection to keep you, your family, and others on the road safe.  Here are a few specific tips for our Mission Bay and other customers.

  • If your dashboard brake light glows amber that’s usually a fault detected in the ABS.  If it glows red after releasing the parking brake that’s indicating something even more serious.
  • Squealing sounds while you’re applying the brakes usually indicates that the brake pads have worn too thin.  Come in for an inspection as soon as possible.  Replacing them is quick and economical, so don’t put it off.  They may continue to work reasonably well, but it’s likely you’ll soon experience damage and added repair costs.
  • A grinding sound usually indicates that excessively worn pads are already leading to damage.  Your ability to stop is probably reduced, and may suddenly plummet.  So immediate attention is critical.
  • If the pedal feels different — going lower than it normally does or feeling “spongy” — that’s usually because of air in the hydraulic lines of because the master cylinder is defective.  Neither of those involve major repairs.  It the pedal feels very noticeably different you may want to have your car towed rather than continuing to drive it.

[alertbox1]Your regular maintenance should include a brake inspection every 15,000 miles or once per year, whichever comes first.[/alertbox1]

Common Brake Repairs

Here is a list of some of the most common repairs.  With few exceptions they’re minor repairs and relatively inexpensive, but should only be done by top-notch mechanics for your safety.

  • Replacing pads and shoes occurs frequently enough that it could be considered part of scheduled maintenance.  Except that the time interval varies widely with traffic and other driving conditions as well as your style of driving.
  • Draining, flushing, and replacing brake fluid is also essentially a maintenance item, but is likewise needed at widely varying times.
  • Bleeding the lines is just a procedure to remove air from the lines.  But it’s often the result of a leak, calling for a very thorough inspection and possibly additional repairs.
  • Replacing the master cylinder is usually needed one or more times over a vehicles lifetime.
  • Machining the rotors and drums is typically needed at around 40 K miles.
  • Repair and replacement of the power assist unit may be needed.

Our Mission Bay Brake Repair Services

As a safety-critical item, you should insist on all brake repairs being performed by ASE-certified technicians and master mechanics, like those at Pacific Automotive.  We’ve been in business for over 20 years, providing personal care and attention for our Mission Bay and other customers.  Our standard brake service includes inspection, pad measurements, and adjustments.  We’ll replace pads, machine rotors and drums, and complete other repairs as needed.  As with all our complete auto service, we guarantee your satisfaction.

Mission Bay Recreation

If you’re new to the area you’ve no doubt already started enjoying our long sandy beaches.  With features like the Mission Bay Yacht Club and Fiesta Island you’ll soon be exploring our wonderful opportunities for camping, cycling, jet skiing, jogging, roller skating, sailing, skateboarding, and wakeboarding.  Don’t miss the next Bayfair Cup hydroplane race!

Here are a few facts our long-term residents may not know.  Mission Bay is part of largest man-made aquatic park in the US, and is 46% land, 54% water.

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