Fuel Saver Package

Want better fuel economy?  Stop by for our fuel saver package.  Or ask us to add it to your next oil change.  You’ll feel the improvement, especially if you’ve recently noticed a drop in gas mileage.  Its combination of services helps keep your vehicle reliable and performing at its best, and includes more than those at many other garages.

Fuel Saver Package Includes:

  • Front-end Alignment  Our inspection and adjustments can improve gas mileage by as much as 10%.  Additional benefits include reduced tire wear and better handling.
  • Tire Rotation Service for fuel savings and better safety.  Our tire services also include inspecting for wear, checking balance, and inflating to the proper pressure.  Did you know that under-inflated tires increase gas consumption by 1/2 to 3%.
  • Air Filter  We’ll inspect and as necessary replace your air filter.  This service alone can improve fuel economy by as much as 10% while also improving performance for older vehicles.
  • Fuel System Cleaning  Experiencing rough idling, hard starting, hesitation, pinging, poor performance or decreased gas mileage? Then fuel system cleaning is especially important.  Heavy build up can increase gas consumption by as much as 30%! We’ll de-carbonize the upper cylinder, clean the fuel injectors, and clean the throttle chamber to remove “varnish,” carbon, and other deposits.

So just what would a 10% improvement from our fuel saver package mean?  That’s about the same as gasoline costing 40 cents per gallon less, or an extra 40 miles of driving per tank.

So give us a call for a convenient one-stop fuel saver package and big savings — roughly 1/3 off our already economical individual prices.

Fuel Economy Tips

With $4 per gallon gasoline apparently here to stay, here are some gas-saving tips in no particular order.

  • Speed Kills — High-speeds are a leading cause of accidents and fatalities.  Speed also has a big impact on gas mileage. At 75 mph you’re using as much as 20% more fuel than at 55.  At 65 that’s still 10-15% more.  And 80 mph uses a whopping 25% more than going 70.
  • Stay Steady — Maintaining a steady speed saves gas compared to braking and slowing down then accelerating over and over again.
  • Avoid Rush Hour — Stop and go traffic is a mileage killer.  When you’re stopped and idling, your engine continues to use fuel but you’re not adding any miles.  That’s a big zero miles per gallon.
  • Shut Down — Turn off the engine if you’re going to be stopped for a minute or more.
  • Unload the Trunk —  Each 50 pounds drops fuel economy by about 1%.
  • Ski Racks and Luggage Racks —  Remove them when the season’s over.  Their aerodynamic drag can drop mileage as much as 20% at freeway speeds.
  • Warm Up? — Engines are most efficient at their designed operating temperature.  But recent-model vehicles with fuel injection and electronic control don’t need to be warmed up before driving.
  • Plan your route and combine trips.
  • Use the AC if you need to!  It uses less fuel than the added drag of open windows on the highway.  But open windows and avoid using the AC at low speeds.
  • Make sure your gas cap is in good condition so there’s no evaporation.
  • Tune ups and scheduled maintenance…  right on schedule.

Discover More

You can find links to more details and ideas at https://www.fueleconomy.gov/feg/drive.shtml.

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We back our ASE certified technicians and master mechanics with the latest diagnostic equipment.  And we guarantee all our work.  When you come in for scheduled maintenance or a car repair we’ll inspect for warranty-related repair issues.  If they’re free we’ll refer you back to the dealership.  We’ll also reset service reminders.

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