La Jolla Transmission Repair

As your local La Jolla transmission repair or replacement independent shop, our trained experts are here to help diagnose, service, flush, repair or replace your automatic or manual transmissions and clutches.

Old or low transmission fluid is one of the most common causes of breaking down. So in order to make sure you and your passengers don’t get stranded, it’s important to follow your scheduled maintenance recommendations for transmission fluid and filter changes.


Have you noticed problems in shifting gears, leaking fluids or warning lights on your console? Noises like grinding, banging, humming or whining? Burnt smells? Higher than usual RPM?

These are all important signs that it’s time to have a professional inspect your transmission system. A failing transmission can contribute to accidents and make your ride uncomfortable. A complete transmission failure can result in a breakdown and leave you stranded.

If you're stuck in one gear or neutral that's clearly a transmission failure!

Transmission Maintenance

Your transmission is a highly complex system that uses gears, hydraulics and sensors to match your velocity to a limited range of RPMs (rotations per minute). It works to make your vehicle as efficient as possible. So if the transmission isn’t working properly, you may see the symptoms above due to uneven acceleration, or be unable to move at all. 

Noticing and addressing any transmission problems promptly saves you money and keeps you safer by preventing further damage and more extensive transmission repairs later.  But it’s much better to keep up with maintenance and avoid these problems in the first place.

Most scheduled maintenance programs suggest a transmission fluid change and filter change every 30,000 to 50,000 miles. But some vehicles and driving conditions require it as often as every 15,000 miles.

La Jolla Transmission Repair

When choosing a repair shop, you’ll want to look at both the people and the equipment. Experienced transmission repair experts and the latest diagnostic equipment mean more quickly tracking down the source of the problem.

Additionally, it’s important to request the highest quality parts available. Sometimes this means OEM (original equipment manufacturer) parts, but not always. You can read more about OEM parts vs. aftermarket parts here.

La Jolla Transmission Repair at Pacific Automotive

Conveniently located just off the 5 freeway, our ASE certified master technicians will take care of you and your vehicle with a personal touch that keeps our clients coming back year after year for all their automotive needs.

We have the experienced specialists you need, along with the latest diagnostic equipment, for dependable and affordable transmission repairs and replacements.