Business Trip – Should you Rent or Drive Your Own Vehicle?

As part of our car care blog series, we know that one question that arises for many is: “Should I rent a car or drive my own for a business trip?” It’s a simple but important question and the answer could make you rethink how you care for your vehicle.

Weighing Pros & Cons

Obviously, when your company (or the IRS) offers a per-mile reimbursement for using your own vehicle for a company related excursion, you may be tempted to take it (who wouldn’t like a fat reimbursement check). However, before you pack your bags and turn on your GPS, consider some of the pros and cons.

Wear and Tear

Mileage on your vehicle always equates to maintenance and repairs. Therefore, when you opt to drive on business trips, you are essentially borrowing from your vehicle’s future. The IRS carefully calculates mileage reimbursement by considering the costs of maintenance, ownership, and repair of a vehicle. Drivers are not winning on that deal.

Accidents, accidents, accidents!

Even if your vehicle is in excellent condition, there are some costs that you can’t anticipate. For instance, if a workmate is riding with you, how can you calculate the costs of accidental spills or damages caused by the co-pilot. Or what if you are in an car accident? Although your insurance will pay for it, you’ll still need to handle the deductible and inconvenience.
If you choose a rental you can free your mind of any of the above concerns. Further, most companies will offer to pay for a rental and even if they don’t you can get a tax write-off for it. Really, a rental is the way to go if you care about your vehicle.

Pacific Auto for Your Business Trip or Other Vehicle Needs

Pacific Auto is a trusted transmission repair and rebuilder. Our ASE-certified mechanics service domestic and foreign vehicles including BMW, Audi, Honda, and Toyota. We are proficient in several types of other auto repairs including brake service, general engine repair, clutch repair, and oil changes.

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