Understanding Transmission Rebuild and Transmission Repair

When customers need transmission work, one scenario they are faced with is deciding whether to have a transmission rebuild or repaired.  Although they may sound the same, they are different services.  Before you agree on either service it is best that you get a good grasp on what the mechanic is offering to you before you buy in.  So let’s take a brief look at each.

Transmission Rebuild

To begin, a transmission rebuild is generally a two-step process.  The repair shop will dismantle the transmission and inspect it thoroughly.  Some auto repair shops are not equipped to do this and simply farm out the work to a transmission specialist.  Afterwards, all of the worn major mechanical parts are scrapped and replaced with new parts.  (A word of caution: make sure that the transmission parts replaced are new.)  Lastly, the transmission’s seals, gaskets, bands are replaced and the unit is completely reassembled.

Transmission Repair

Conversely, transmission repairs describe when mechanics fix or replace of one or possibly two main items.  The rationale behind this is cost effectiveness.  Rather than replacing multiple parts that are functional and have the potential to last quite a while, it makes more sense to only replace the problem part(s).  Nevertheless, sometimes another part eventually goes bad in the transmission that was not part of the repair.  In such circumstances, only the part replaced during the auto repair is covered by the warranty.  The Automatic Transmission Rebuilders Association (ATRA) relates that when customers know the difference between these two transmission services they can get the best value for their money.

Pacific Auto is a trusted transmission repair and rebuilder.  We service domestic and foreign vehicles including BMW, Audi, Honda Repair, and Toyota Repair.  We are proficient in several types of other auto repairs including brake service, general engine repair, clutch repair, and oil changes.

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