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Automotive Recalls

Vehicle recalls are more common than you might think, often in the tens of millions per year.  That can lead to frustrating waits as dealerships struggle to get to all those cars or trucks.  Unfortunately, that's how they're handled.  Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions. What Causes Recalls? A recall is triggered when an automaker or the NHTSA (National Highway Transportation Safety Agency) determines that a particular safety defect exists or the vehicle doesn't comply...

A Rainbow of Leaks

Automotive fluid leaks are signs of a problem that shouldn't be ignored.  If levels fall too low they can't serve their function, leading to big and often expensive problems.  There are lots more possibilities than engine oil or coolant.  Brake fluid, power steering, and automatic transmission fluid are among the most serious.  So if you notice stains or puddles on your garage floor or driveway then it's well worth your time to figure out just what is leaking. The size of a leak is also...
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Winter Coolant

You might think antifreeze isn't an issue in San Diego.  That would be true if all it did was protect against freezing.  But it does a lot more, and is just as important in protecting your vehicle as motor oil.  So there's no reason to neglect the coolant system in the winter. Antifreeze? Coolant? Protectant? These terms are often used interchangeably, since one product serves all three functions. Cars and trucks still need a well-working cooling system year-round to get rid of the huge...
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Fuel Saver Package

Want better fuel economy?  Stop by for our fuel saver package.  Or ask us to add it to your next oil change.  You'll feel the improvement, especially if you've recently noticed a drop in gas mileage.  Its combination of services helps keep your vehicle reliable and performing at its best, and includes more than those at many other garages. Fuel Saver Package Includes: Front-end Alignment  Our inspection and adjustments can improve gas mileage by as much as 10%.  Additional benefits...
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Dealership Alternatives

Extensive studies have shown that repairs and maintenance at new car dealerships are 15% to 25% more expensive than at independent auto repair shops, also called dealership alternatives.  So it shouldn't be too surprising that nearly 3/4 of vehicle owners go to independent mechanics even during their warranty period.  Choosing a local shop with ASE certified mechanics and the latest diagnostic equipment gives you a true dealership alternative with the same quality of service.  That's...
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2019 Model Update: Best Retained Value

Depreciation is a big part of owning and operating a vehicle, especially if you prefer late models. The average new 2019 vehicle retains only a bit more than a third of its value after 60 months (five years out).  So besides price and interest rate, it's wise to consider resale values when shopping for your ideal car, SUV, or truck. For 2019 we're focusing on Kelly Blue Book (KBB) surveys and awards.  They've been establishing used vehicle values for over 90 years.  Rankings are based on...
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Back to School: Auto Maintenance

With school season soon starting your car's safety and dependability are even more important.  Whether you're a parent shuttling the kids or a new college student, it's an important time for some important car care items.  But they're often forgotten in the rush of loading up on school supplies and working out carpool schedules.  Or being away from home for the first time.  So here's a sort of automotive checklist for back-to-school. DIY -- Regularly There are several maintenance and...

Summer Heat

Hot summer day?  It shouldn't come as any surprise that heat puts a strain on your car's cooling system.  But you may be surprised that speeding down the freeway on a sultry afternoon isn't the worst case.  Actually your engine has to strain while traveling at low speeds, such as when towing or heading up a steep grade.  Why?  There's far less air going past the radiator and through the engine compartment. High temperatures affects other parts of your vehicle too.  They're dangerous for...
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Time for a Tune Up?

Despite advanced engine control systems, today's cars and trucks still need a tune-up from time to time.  It's an important part of preventive maintenance.  Neglecting it leads to poor engine performance and poor gas mileage, that can even cause damage.  So check the owner's manual for the maintenance schedule for each of your vehicles.  In the meantime, stay alert to symptoms that may indicate you're past due because of special circumstances. When Is A Tune Up Necessary? As with all...
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Don’t Skimp on Car Maintenance — It’s False Economy!

You may have heard the saying, "If you don't schedule time for your car's maintenance your car will schedule it for you." Preventive maintenance keeps breakdowns and their headaches to a minimum. And just might save you money in the long run, keeping a small problem from developing into a big one. So don't wait until something fails before bringing your car in. What Needs Maintaining? Oil, filters, and coolant are essentially consumables that need to be replaced anywhere from a few times per...
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