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3 year 30,000 mile warranty san diego

Our 3 Year / 36,000 Mile Nationwide Warranty

Interested in a 3 year warranty? California laws mean that in most situations you have the right to choose any licensed repair shop for scheduled service, in-warranty, and insurance repairs. We hope you'll choose us. Have a late-model vehicle still under the manufacturer's warranty?  Our auto services save you time and money while keeping that warranty intact.  You can choose OEM (original equipment manufacturer -- the auto maker) or after-market parts. Our 3 Year Warranty Our automotive...
commercial bus maintenance and repair san diego

Commercial Bus Maintenance

Our staff, technicians, and ASE Certified master mechanics work together save you administrative time and reduce commercial bus maintenance and repair costs.  A full-service shop, we're ready for all scheduled maintenance and repairs.  We've worked extensively with commercial fleets as well as single-vehicle businesses such as shuttle bus services, hospitals, retirement homes, and others with top-notch workmanship in our own facility as well as on-site. Regular scheduled maintenance is...
diesel particulate filters

What are Diesel Particulate Filters?

Diesel cars, trucks and buses are often associated with dark smoky exhausts.  That's a result of incompletely burned fuel.  But pollution abatement requirements have largely eliminated that.  For the last 20 years or so diesel particulate filters (DPF) have been incorporated into vehicles to capture that exhaust soot rather than releasing it into the atmosphere.  They're one of the key diesel pollution solutions. How They Work At their core, diesel particulate filters are pretty much like...
synthetic oil san diego

What’s the Deal With Synthetic Oil?

We're often asked if it's worth switching to synthetic oil.  Sometimes the answer is simple.  If the vehicle's manufacturer requires it, anything other than synthetic motor oil voids the warranty.  Otherwise the trade-offs with conventional motor oil can be a bit complicated, involving more than just cost.  There's even some controversy concerning whether its right oil for older cars. Just What is Synthetic Oil? All engine oils actually start with refined crude.  So what makes synthetic...
retained car value pacific auto san diego

2018 Models with the Best Retained Value

All new vehicles take a big hit in value the moment you drive them off the lot.  That's why it's smart to buy a late-model used vehicle.  But as the years and miles roll on different makes and models loose their resale value at different rates.  For most people that retained value is an important consideration if they plan to sell after a few years, and a good indication of durability and lifetime otherwise.  Good maintenance and the absence of any major accidents that could have damaged...
fuel efficiency

Fuel Efficiency: 2018 Top Makes and Models

With fall approaching it's a good time to start thinking about taking advantage of model-year close out sales.  There's a huge list of factors that go into selecting the right vehicle, and their priorities vary tremendously from person to person, family to family.  Let's consider just one of those -- fuel efficiency or fuel economy.  What are the best fuel-efficient cars for 2018? Gas Mileage Gas mileage is measured in mpg, miles per gallon. The number of miles you can drive per gallon of...
2018 Honda

2018 Honda Models

Why talk about 2018 Honda models now? Considering the big drop in resale value all new cars have "the minute you drive them off the lot," buying a used car that's a year or two old makes a lot of sense. And with state of the art diagnostic equipment and the latest factory information, we at Pacific Automotive can help keep your Hondas maintained and repaired for many years to come. Honda vehicles have come a long way since the compact 1972 Civic hatchback (the first vehicle to meet US emission...
reliable cars san diego

Top 10 Most Reliable Makes of Cars

We're often asked which makes of cars are the most reliable. There's a dozen or more things to consider when choosing a new or used car, and a reliability rating should be among them even if it's not the most important factor to you personally.  The more dependable a vehicle is the less often your schedule is disrupted by repairs and the less likely you'll be stranded and need a tow.  And of course the lower your repair bills should be. The more data you have the better the conclusions, so...
honda diagnostics

The Latest in Honda Diagnostics

Vehicles rolling off today's assembly lines incorporate an advanced network of dozens of microcomputers.  So we keep up-to-date with the latest diagnostic software, in particular the Honda Diagnostics System (HDS).  That lets us see all the details of system functions and update the transmission and engine control module programming. OBD? Starting in 1996 all new vehicles manufactured were required to include an OBD connector.  What's that?  It's On-Board Diagnostics, constantly running...
transmission symptoms

Transmission Symptoms

Beware of transmission symptoms indicating a problem can prevent larger problems down the road. With regular maintenance according to the manufacturer's schedule, there's rarely a need for transmission repairs in San Diego.  But problems do happen, especially as the miles pile on.  When your transmission makes a grinding sound there's no doubt that it's time for repairs.  Recognising less obvious signs that something's gone wrong early on can mean the difference between a quick-fix and a...
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